Mariachi Sol de México Discusses if a Better Trumpet Makes You A Better Musician

Mariachi Sol de México is one of the most infamous mariachi bands in the world. A big reason for Mariachi Sol de Mexico’s success is the trumpet playing. Trumpets are one of the most powerful instruments in all of music. A lot of players are looking to improve and in order to do so will try to upgrade their equipment, but does that actually help? Today, Mariachi Sol de Mexico will look at if a better trumpet makes a better musician.

There is no doubt that both the instrument and the musician play a role in the quality of the music that is being played. However, Mariachi Sol de Mexico understands that if you took a novice trumpet player and a professional trumpet player and gave the novice a top of the line trumpet and a professional a cheap trumpet, the professional should still be able to hit all of the proper notes. It’s also true that the professional’s trumpet may sound rather similar to the novices to the untrained ear. A lot of the time the more expensive trumpets will just provide longer lasting durability and quality as time progresses.

The biggest factor in terms of quality of sound for a trumpet comes in the form of the air column. The size of the air column will guide the sounds the trumpet is able to produce. A larger air column will most likely produce a bigger sound, but it will impact the pitch. It takes a more skilled player to play this type of trumpet as the instrument will have a tougher time slotting notes.

There is a lot of marketing that goes into saying the higher caliber the instrument, the higher caliber the player. However, Mariachi Sol de Mexico would argue that there is simply no substitute for practice. Sure, a trumpet needs to be able to take air in and produce a quality sound, but there’s no wonder drug when it comes to musical ability. Most of the time a more expensive trumpet will come with a mouthpiece that makes it easier to play, but it doesn’t actually have an impact on a musician’s ability. Another thing to keep in mind is that louder is not always better. Some trumpets are designed to produce extremely loud sound, but that doesn’t help an ensemble group. Professional trumpet players understand that they may need an instrument that can blend in with other instruments.

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